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10-13-2003, 05:19 AM
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Originally Posted by LittlePenguin66
I need an info about this two player!
Who is better??? Who has more upside??
Who is staying in the NHL???
What`s their potential???

Well, to answer your secod post, both will see PP time. Everybody gets PP time on the Wild, even our 4th liners. Lemaire uses it as a reward for solid play. When Gaborik and Dupuis come back, I could see Burns playing on the first unit and Brandner would definitely have a place on the second unit. I don't put him on the first because his passing isn't exemplary and Gabby and Dupuis would be the primary finishers.

I don't think anyone knows which of the two players is better right now. We've only seen them play a couple of games and Brandner is ten years older. Burns has higher potential but they both have shown that they belong in the NHL.

Their games aren't really that different. Brandner is a great scorer, but his passing is average. I've seen him float a couple of pucks when he was just sliding the puck to his left 10-15 feet. He's great down low though, quick hands, and he's got a heavy shot. Very strong on the puck. He hardly ever falls down and is good at getting possession of the puck in the corners. And then he's good at maintaining possession. Solid skater. Potential? I can see him as a 20 goal scorer with another 15-20 assists. I really like his play. Whenever he's on the ice, the puck starts moving towards the opposition's net. Good things just seem to happen when he's on the ice.

Burns is a little bit more of a question mark because he's so young. He's only played the forward position for one year. He was a defensemen until 2002. Big kid. 6'4, but only 200 pounds. Lemaire is ecstatic that Burns is a member of the Wild. He's always saying something good about him. Lemaire commented that Burns isn't afraid of the physical battles at his age and that he'll be a man-child in the corners by the time he's 21-22. Good shot, skating is excellent for his size and it will only get better once he gets a little more used to his height. Backchecks well. I can see him as a 2nd line PF, getting 30 goals and 30 assists. And he'll always have a good +/- because he's defensively aware.

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