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10-13-2003, 05:22 AM
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The case for Jamie Lundmark.

When we talk about possible return for Mike Comrie, this guy comes up alot, so often in fact that it's easy to skip by him. However, imo he might be the best player available to Edmonton in any deal. Here's my reasons:

1. These teams trade often This would have to be considered an understatement. In fact, Lowe's obsesssion with NY state is alarming (Hamrlik, Carter, Niinimaa, Poti, Markkanen, Pisa, Hecht, who am I missing?) but his return has been pretty good (Brewer, Dvorak, Isbister, Torres, York, Deslauriers, Stoll). Seems to me a struggling NY team might look better with a 1-4 center depth chart that reads Nedved, Comrie, Holik, Messier.

2. Lundmark hasn't been mishandled by the Rangers Unlike Blackburn and a host of other prospects, the Rangers had Lundmark finish out his junior career, then he played a season in the AHL. He has been brought along slowly.

3. He's 6 feet and can play center Lundmark isn't a hard body, but he does have size, 6-0 and 195. When he was given legit pt by the Rangers last season (in January), he went 6-2-8 in 11 games.

4. He's still flying under the radar. If we make a list of quality players in the NHL right now, many if not most spent their first season or two in the NHL just getting used to the speed and physical style in the league. By year three, many players break out and become so valuable another team is unable to acquire them. How often have we said "the Oilers should have traded for Patrick Marleau when they could get him", or "Shane Doan took three years to develop, they should have traded for him when they had a chance". I'm not saying Lundmark is going to be an 80 point man or a 30 goal scorer, but he scored 27 as a 20 year old rookie in the AHL, and that has to count for something (igor? am I right?)

5. He's 22 Young and good. Helluva combination if you ask me. He hasn't scored yet this season, and the Rangers are off to a poor start (0-2) against opponents they should be killing.

I don't think Lundmark is enough on his own, but what about something like:

Lundmark, NYR's 1st round pick in 2004


Comrie, EDM's 2nd round pick in 2004

or maybe the right to flip picks in 04 or 05. It worked with Boston.


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