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03-21-2011, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
Wait a minute, weren't you criticizing Kopitar's play about 2 weeks ago, even saying you would trade him for Jamie Benn. And now you suddenly using Kopitar as a reason to defend the Smyth trade?

Kopitar is a two-way center, one of the best in the game. Smyth is a one-dimensional former scoring winger who was never mistaken for a Selke candidate. Kopitar was a star player before Smyth arrived and he will be a star long after Smyth is gone. To say Ryan Smyth taught Anze Kopitar how to play defense is laughable.

And yes adding Smyth's salary could easily handcuff the Kings in adding talent this summer. The way the cap is set-up teams can only have a certain amount star players, Smyth is paid like a star and simply isn't. Let's face it, except for the months of October and November he has never been worth it. I don't even blame Lombardi, I do think it was a bit of a panic move after he got shut out on July 1st, but realistically no one could have imagined that by the end of the second year that Smyth would be this bad. I thought year 3 would be a struggle for a player of his age, the collapse last year and this year could not have been foreseen. That being said, don't expect to see the Kings make a similar move for a mid 30's player on the downside making big money.

Do you think the Kings should buy him out this summer?
Herby your such a negative nancy Calm down Kings make the playoffs get to at least the 2nd round Smyth is still slow and people will blame him, Stoll, Handzus, and Brown for losing in the playoffs. We will look forward to Schenn next year. Then we will blame Symth, Stoll, Brown, and of course the coaching and the refs and on and on next year.

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