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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
So are the Base sticks officially two-piece now? That's nice. Tapered I'd assume?

Glad they finally have a real website up.
I recently went down to their office/fake rink and ordered a stick from them (I live in Vancouver, they're in a suburb), and asked them about their 2 pieces vs. 1 pieces. They mostly sell 1 piece sticks, but they are really a tapered blade and shaft bonded together firmly (like most "1 piece" sticks are). They said they are put together with "bondo", which from googling I assume is this:

You can order them unbonded, as a tapered 2 piece, but since they are made to be put together with bondo they are a touch loose as 2 pieces, you would have to shim with tape. When you go in to try sticks out they have them as 2 pieces, shimmed with tape (so they can make any combo of height/flex/blade you want), and it performed like any other high end stick to me, but their employee said it's a slightly better fit/slightly better performance when held together with bondo. I ordered mine as a 1 piece, from some googling online it looks like bondo softens and can be removed with a heat gun, it was all with reference to cars (what bondo is mostly used for), but apparently when you heat it with a heat gun it gets soft and can be easily scraped off a car, so I'm guessing the same would be true with a stick. When either the shaft or blade breaks I don't think it should be too tough to turn it into a 2 piece with a heat gun and a piece of rebar to knock the blade out with.

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