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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
KISS? Talk about being a shell of your former self.

Gene and Paul are getting old and ravaged. Ace and Peter, the two other originals, aren't even there anymore and they have Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer to replace them on lead guitar and drums. Tommy Thayer is a twangy piece of crap that is happy making peanuts, just so he can imitate his hero Ace, while Eric is a freakin' ape on drums. The politics alone nowadays is ****** with the band too. Gene and Paul talk to each others through their agents, and the two others are just scabs that bring Gene his coffee, do anything he wants and get paid like employees or session musicians.

I can get a lot more into them, but I'll save myself the stress. Simply put, if they ever appear at a festival I'm at, I'll take that chance to go to the bathroom or get a snack.
I just don't see why their personal lives need to have an affect on the music. They play the songs the same as they always did, they just aren't the original 4 members.

That being said I understand loving one member or another whose left the band, but to totally dislike the band now because of in band politics to me is just crazy.

Who gives a **** about their personal lives, their moral choices in life and if they're a good or bad person. You're there for the music and letting their personal squabs get in the way of that is just silly to me.

No 70s rock/80s metal band will ever live up to the height of their potential because that's just how nostalgia is.

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