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Originally Posted by khuddle View Post
Funny how OV has made me completely forget about Lindros. Lindros was to take the game to a new level -- basically a kid with the body and strength of an NFL Defensive Lineman who also had tremendous skill and hockey smarts as well. But he didnt nearly have the energy, heart, drive and determination that Ovechkin has, and hence his career turned out to be well below everyone's expectations.



he was a beast, and carried the flyers on his back the minute he got there. what derailed his career was nothing you listed.

back on topic - no way green nets a return like he did. only way i see that ever happening is if a certain GM, currently out of the league, gets another shot....

i'm for trading green, for the right deal at the right time. it'll simply come down to $ and the progression of carlson/alzner and that russian who recently came over now with the bears.

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