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03-21-2011, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by artilector View Post
I'm glad to see that people seem to have an open mind as far as Green's future with the Caps -- this wasn't the case for a long time.
If Green ends up getting moved, I think everybody would expect him to be the best player in the deal. Is it critical that the Caps get another team to part with a great player? I don't think so, because if MJ continues to progress, I don't see any big holes that have to be addressed if you're gonna give up your best asset. So the Caps can just go for the biggest package out there. You can't always expect to draft Kuznetsov's, so high picks would seem to go along with management's strategy of building a team to last a decade.

But that's just my opinion. The safe assumption is probably that the Caps would look for impact players in trading Green.. but to me it's not a critical issue.

In any case, I'm sure the Caps will give Green every chance. Both McPhee and Boudreau seem to be very high on him, so things would probably have to go very wrong for them to consider trading him.. at which point the trade value wouldn't be that great.

I'm ok with any outcome, as long as they don't hand him a long term 6m contract that he can't live up to.
I think that wasn't the case for a long time, because up until recently this defense needed him. Prior to Carlson joining the team, the second best puckmover the team had was Poti. Green was the engine that made things go from the backend. Now that Carlson has started to establish himself and Wideman has filled in pretty well, I think people might be softening their stance.

Until Hannan and Wideman arrived, Tyler Sloan and Brian Fahey were getting jerseys. Trading Green, even if you were getting a downgraded defenseman in return, would have wrecked havoc on the blueline. Plus, if people thought the power play was struggling before, who knows what it would have looked like sans Green.

I can't remember where I read it, but someone broke down all the trades that involved really good players for packages of lesser parts. It might have been in THN. Anyways, all of them failed spectacularly for the team trading the big name. I don't know if the Devils would be willing to do a trade with Green and Parise as the building blocks, but I hope that would be the type of trade they go after if they do end up dealing him.

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