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03-21-2011, 03:25 PM
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Games Left: What do we need to win?

Overall: I think we're going to have to get at least 5-6 wins to make it into the playoffs. I also think of the 5-6 wins two of them have to be the games against the Stars and Ducks. Try to break down the 9 last games. Though I do realize everything is a "Must Win" I'm trying to be realistic on if we will win or not in my predictions. This is also how I think we'll make it into the playoffs.

Predators 7th 86pts

March 22nd, Edmonton @ Predators:

My thoughts on this game is it's a home game, we're riding a streak, this is more of a trap game than any of the final games I see. I think this is a much needed win, though I do see the possibility of us coming out flat here. Though I am predicting a win here, though we might struggle.

+2pts = 88pts

March 24th, Ducks @ Predators:

MUST WIN. If we do not win this game and the Stars game, we will be in trouble of making it into the playoffs. This is the best position for us to make-up ground on the Ducks. Notoriously we're not solid against this team, and I see our streak falling here.

+0 points = 88pts

March 26th, Stars @ Predators:

MUST WIN. Pretty much the same as the last game. This another great chance to make ground while not letting the teams behind/in front of us gain anything. This will help us immensely.

+2 points = 90 pts

March 29th, Canucks @ Predators:

I think that the Canucks will be out to redeem themselves here, they've had trouble with us this year. I think they'll come with a vengeance and hand us a loss.

+0 points = 90 pts

March 31st, Predators @ Avalanche:

I think this is where people will start wondering what is going on if we lose and will lose their hope for the playoffs. But I think the Predators will win their way into the playoffs during the last three games.

+0 pts = 90 pts

April 2nd, Red Wings @ Predators:

Don't see this as a win, another game where the Preds will play up to their competition though, but just lacking offensive firepower we won't be able to pull this out. I'm predicting an OT loss.

+1 pts = 91 pts

April 5th, Thrashers @ Predators:

I feel the vets will take everyone aside and will inspire them with a speech and instill in them the drive to put a few wins together to salvage the playoff chances. I don't see us forgetting that we need points at this point in time. We'll start riding a win streak into the playoffs from here, in my opinion.

+2 pts = 93 pts

April 8th, Blue Jackets @ Predators:

A tough game, and a needed win, we'll continue our streak onto the next and into the playoffs from here. This is probably where we all get to breathe a collective sigh of relief and might be where we clinch a spot, though it could be the Blues game, which would give us all heart problems.

+2 pts = 95 pts

April 9th, Predators @ Blues:

This could likely be the game to determine if we make it in or not, depending on how everything else turns out. This is going to be a tight race. St Louis would love nothing more than to be the reason we didn't make it. However, I think the Predators will be up for the challenge and will dig deep.

+2 pts = 97 pts

Predators 7th place @ 97 pts.

I see us vs Detroit, but I don't see us winning a series. So I'm actually hoping we squeak in and get a chance to play Vancouver.

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