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03-21-2011, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by brian_griffin View Post
So many ways I could respond... take your pick...

A. Actually, when chances don't go in, they are not simply a "waste", they are statistically normal. NO ONE scores on all his chances. Given that FACT, I'd rather have guys taking 6 shots per game than 2 shots per game, because (and it's due to this statistical thing called regression to the mean) on average, over time, those goals will eventually come with enough chances.

B. You do realize the year TV scored ~43 G and was somewhere like +35 in +/-, his shooting % was something like 18-19%, about 2x that of most NHL forwards (9-10%), and ~50% higher than his career average (12-13%). Even in his best years, 80% of his chances were "wasted".

C. Wait, I thought he just had to score 40 G (to go with his 40 A) to earn his pay.
Now he also needs to avoid slumps too? Maybe he should switch his sweater from #26 to either #66 or #99.

D. Personally, given a choice, at season's end, I'd rather have Vanek with 10 fewer goals and 10 pts higher in +/- than hitting 40 G and still being negative in +/-.

E. Someone please tell Gerbe, Ennis, Sekera, Myers, and Stafford to stop trying the last 10 games as they've met or exceeded the dollar value of their contract for the season.
Where do I begin with this?

A. You obviously overlooked the analogy that I used when saying Vanek's chances were wasted if he didn't score. What good were those chances last night? What good was that breakaway vs the Canes?

B. Again. I used it as an analogy. People get all over Miller for "softies" then they should get all over Vanek for shooting pucks into pads in wide open nets.

C. A couple years ago it was all about how Vanek got paid to score 40 goals. People said that 35 was still good enough considering he is our only elite goal scorer. I'm not saying he has to score in every game nor come close. But for god sakes if you're our best goal scorer you can't go MIA for 6, 7, 8 games at a time. Those 6, 6, 7, and 8 game goalless streaks suck up 27 games of a 82 game season and those are just the streaks. Show me a team that is okay with a top winger eating up over 7m in cap space for <30 goals and equivalent to about 40 assists. 3 goals in 18 games heading towards the playoffs simply isn't good enough.

D. The talk has all been about how Vaneks all around game has gotten better. It has, but +/- should go hand in hand with that. If he is playing better defensively then his +/- should benefit from that. That +35 was crap because then he wasn't on a #1 line.

E. All of those players you listed are still playing for future contracts. Vanek got his pay day. The only thing he has to play for now is the team. The money aspect of it will come back in the next couple of years, but for right now all he has to focus on is scoring goals and playing hard. There is nothing he can do about the money for another 3 seasons. The goal here is to win hockey games, not achieve personal goals. But if you are considered a top player you have to perform to the level that you're expected to. Darcy expects big numbers out of Vanek, that's why he matched the offer. Bottom line is 30/40 shouldn't be the cut off for Vanek. He needs to play the way he has, and his numbers need to be better.

F. I just find it comical that there isn't 5 people on this forum that like Tim Connolly on this roster. People find it almost as easy to rip apart Connolly as they do to make excuses for Vanek.

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