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03-21-2011, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by predwings View Post
I think you have to look at a more logical perspective as a fan. Especially when predicting or else you just turn out to be one of those idiots who says there team will never lose. These are also the people who take things the hardest when their team does lose. Understandably we should have pride, but we can't physically do anything to make our team win games, it's up to them to have that physical pride. So your point is moot, Token. As much "fun" as it would've been to cite that we'd win every single game all the way to the Stanley Cup, it's not practical nor is it an intelligent assessment at this time. Possibility? Yes. Probability? No.
that makes no sense. did you even read the man's post? He was simply saying we should not be satisfied with just getting in.. We should try and win them all.. No one ever said we would but we should quit if we don't try.. we can beat any team in the west in a seven game series... If you think otherwise, then maybe you should think logically and cheer for another team..

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