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03-21-2011, 05:42 PM
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Obviously the first concern is for Manny's vision, and hopefully he is able to return next season. As far as the team on the ice goes, I think it's an injury they can overcome, but it's a particularly damaging one.

Clearly losing Manny hurts us on the PK, in the faceoff circle, and it costs us a shutdown center who was shouldering a lot of responsibility for taking defensive zone draws, freeing up Henrik and Kesler for more offensive roles. I think it may be subtle to see but it will trickle up and down the line-up. One of the big questions will be how well Lapierre can step into that role and how much faith AV puts in him.

It also makes the Hodgson injury particularly painful in retrospect. Even an additional half a season on his developmental trajectory would help tremendously. Right now I feel he might be able to tread water at the NHL level and balance his deficiencies and his contributions, but he's still so inexperienced that its hard to know what to expect. It's good to know that he has experience in high pressure situations at least.

I also think it leaves us extremely vulnerable at center -- if we were to lose either Hank or Kesler to any significant injury I think our playoff run would be crippled. You'd probably end up trying Higgins up the middle, but we'd fall right back into the middle of the pack if either of those guys were to go down. Fingers crossed I guess.

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