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03-21-2011, 07:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Gnashdavis View Post
that makes no sense. did you even read the man's post? He was simply saying we should not be satisfied with just getting in.. We should try and win them all.. No one ever said we would but we should quit if we don't try.. we can beat any team in the west in a seven game series... If you think otherwise, then maybe you should think logically and cheer for another team..
I do hope we will win a series. However, we've never won a series. We have a team with young starters now. We are terrible against Detroit in all our series against them. Terrible against San Jose as well. We should hope to get Vancouver which as the season states, is the more possible option for us to beat in a 7-game series. If this were March Madness where one game decided everything I'd look at it as we can beat anyone, but it's 7 games because they want the better team to win out overall. It happened last year when we lost to Chicago, despite being up 2-1. Our team can win a few games, a series? Probably not. I always hope they prove me wrong, though year after year I'm disappointed in that aspect. I think we will get into the playoffs, but I don't think we will win a series. I'm merely pointing out the best "odds" are if we play a team like Vancouver which we've done better against this season than many other teams (SJS and DET).

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