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03-21-2011, 06:28 PM
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Originally Posted by devilzdontrule27 View Post
The impact those players have on their NCAA team was just as great as any of those UND players. Who gives a **** if a player is more effective at the NHL level when what matters in this case is the impact these player could have had with their college club.
There's two different arguments going on here...

The entire argument broke out because a BC fan said "players go to UND to win the hobey (which was incorrect)" and that "players go to BC to win NCs (which implied they have more NCs than UND...also incorrect)."

I then posted an actual lineup that UND could've iced 6 years ago that would've hands down been the favorite to win it all. To argue otherwise is just foolish.

What you're talking about now is players other programs have lost and their impact on the college game. You're correct, however, Minnesota is the only program close in terms of what I'm talking about..

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