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Originally Posted by Stanello View Post
Random thought... if I cut the shaft down 6in and then put a 6in plug in the end does the flex stay the same or increase?

I'd think the total flex would increase as long as the plug is stiffer than the original shaft. Or maybe I'm wrong completely...
A slight increase in flex IMO, if as you say the plug is stiffer than the original shaft. Especially with low kick sticks most of the flex is happening lower down on the shaft anyways, like around your bottom hand and lower, and the length of the stick mostly influences the stick flex through leverage regardless of whether the top is made of a composite material or a wood plug. But sticks do still flex a touch up top, and I do think that wood plugs tend to be a bit stiffer than a really whippy composite shaft (because wood sticks tend to be a bit stiffer than really whippy composites, but not as stiff as super stiff composites), so a wood plug in a whippy composite would IMO make the stick slightly harder to flex. Also the tenon in the end of the composite would have to stiffen that small area up significantly. I have a stick that I played around with, cut down too much, then added a 2" plug to get it back to a length I liked, and I feel like it is *very slightly* stiffer than it was before, could be just in my head though.

Re: your original question, as Jarick stated some companies offer intermediate sticks with lower flexes, in the 55-60 range (vs. the more common 65-70 range). That's your best bet for sure.

Re: wanting it in a Warrior lie 4, every company measures lies differently, and there's nor direct conversion between them (especially since the rocker on blades and a lack of a standard point of measurement means measuring lies is somewhat arbitrary), but I'd say that your average lie 4 Warrior curve is more like a lie 4.5-5 in a similar curve with a similar rocker from another brand. If you know a Warrior lie 4 works for you, I'd just look for a 55 flex Warrior intermediate with a lie 4, for example one of these:

People generally really like those 2009 Dolo DDs (the Dragon ones), they still have them in 55 flex lie 4 Savards and Kovalchucks (both left and right), and $110 is a good deal (though you'll have to pay shipping/handling with hockey monkey, an extra $15 or so I think).

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