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03-21-2011, 08:33 PM
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Your best bet would be the internet. Card shops tend to overprice thei items, I remeber when I was younger the card shop guy telling me what was in certain boxes and making it off as so great, also giving me a "deal" which probably wasn't really a deal.

If your willing to wait for a dealer to ship then you'll end up saving online. I can recommend going on and going to the Marketplace tab. And you can search for cards by player and set. I'd recommend
Very good prices and ships fast.

For boxes of packs I could recommend
When I was really into it I used to buy off them, they offer free shipping if you buy a certain amount, it's way up there now like $200 purchase maybe.
Retailis stores like Target and Walmart have packs but those are retail so they hold different odds of getting certain cards, and sometimes not as many cards per pack as ones in a hobby shop.

As for those Upper Deck sets those were very nice. Not worth much really compared to the high dollar cards they put out now such as boxes where its like $200 and you get 5 cards, but its all about the autographs and memorbilia cards. Go check out the latest Beckett Hockey magazine, has prices for over 750,000 cards.

If your looking to start out with anything let me know. I have tons of common cards that I could sell you. Early 90s like yours up til 05-06. I can't possibly use them all.

Here is some prices as I felt like being handy and I had Beckett Hockey nearby

90-91 UD complete set $25-60
91-92 UD complete set $20-40
92-93 UD complete set $25-50

Ok I'll end my story about card collecting lol. Hopefully something is of help to you.

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