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I'm not surprised to hear that Malhotra will be out for the season. Obviously, this is a severe vision threatening injury with a very guarded prognosis. It makes my preliminary diagnosis of a ruptured globe injury even more likely as there may have been fleeting hope of return with any other diagnosis. Hockey should definitely take a back seat while his eye is treated.

Originally Posted by Canucks5551
Just curious, what led you to this board if you don't follow the sport?
Google. My research interests are ocular trauma and patient education. I try to just read and not get involved, but I couldn't help myself because there was speculation about the diagnosis and recovery that didn't make medical sense. At the beginning, I was actually thinking of posting in a forum that belongs to the Vancouver Canucks, but people there seemed to be in serious denial that I didn't want to offer my opinion if it wasn't going to be taken seriously.

Originally Posted by Luck 6
Is this actually possible within a few weeks? I don't mean to sound insensitive towards Manny's injury, but I'm quite certain that IF he could somehow be back on the ice this season, he will be (short of risking blindness, mind you). So I suppose the question is, if he wore a full cage would he be able to undertake extreme physical activity without damaging his eye further? I know we talked a lot about fluid build up, is it possible to install a drainage device similar to what Ohlund had and play for a few more weeks?

If this were any normal season, I'm sure Manny would sit. But given that winning a Stanley Cup is every young Canadian hockey player's dream, and this is certainly the best chance he's ever had, I'd think he would be out there if he had some sort of opotion.

Can you discuss the possibility of this sort of return? Thanks.
As evidenced by the recent news, no it is not possible to return that soon. I guess I was thinking much further into the future, like a year from the injury. Drainage devices are implanted into the eye to reduce internal eye pressure and treat a disease called glaucoma. Malhotra may develop this eventually, but it would not be the most important issue right now. There is no such surgery to "drain swelling around the eye." Swelling goes down with rest and ice packs.

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Ah, thank you. So based on the distinction between a cornea laceration and scratched cornea I have a reasoned follow up question. You had localized a diagnosis to three possibilities, based on the information we had available.

Based on the three major categories you had outlined, is it possible that a scratched cornea (with Hyphema) could be a result that falls within the extremes of a 1) Retrobulbar Hemmorhage and 2) Orbital Canal Fracture? Just like a ruptured globe (due to cornea laceration) falls within the two extremes?

If this is the case, then the reports of surgery and excessive bleeding around the eye could be due to a scratched cornea, which carries with it far less dire implications than that of the ruptured globe diagnosis everyone is dreading.

Correct or am I out to lunch?
Your reasoning is off. A scratched cornea does not cause excessive bleeding around the eye. Also, it is not treated through surgery. The three possibilities I listed earlier (retrobulbar hemorrhage, optic canal fracture, and ruptured globe injury) are distinct diagnoses. They can occur together, but they are not subsets of each other.

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