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Thanks to all of the replys. I don't know how to do the multi-quote thing, so I'll just make some comments here. I want to make it clear that I'm not criticizing the NTDP. I'm starting with the assumption that DelVal just isn't producing talent for NTDP. I'm also not saying the region hasn't produced NHLers.

Re: DelVal kids that have "made it." JVR was an absolute prodigy and is the only guy I can think of that has made the NTDP program. He wasn't even playing AAA hockey. He played for Brick, which is the same organization that produced Jim Dowd.

Tangradi went from the Jr. Flyers to the OHL if I'm not mistaken. I don't think Ryan counts for the reasons already stated. I have high hopes for Agostino, and Godreau might get drafted this year, as he is a major talent. Almost all the other kids are more or less NYC guys.

Re: Money. Believe me, the kids that play for the top programs in the DelVal are mostly well-off. In fact, that might be the exact problem. I don't want to get into that though.

Re: Professional Involvement. Team Comcast has had a ton of ex-Flyer involvement: Primeau, Derion Hatcher, etc.

The best NHLer from the area at the moment is Mark Eaton. He was an absolute beast growing up. Yet he got cut from certain teams growing up. That might tell us more about the problems than anything else. Just some thoughts.

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