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03-21-2011, 10:06 PM
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Originally Posted by hogtownhabsfan View Post
Yes, and I pointed that out myself, but they cost us wins regardless, as how many times have we lost guys after playing them? Pacioretty, Spacek, Pyatt... and thats just after the last 2 times we've played them.

And for all the hate Laraque got, we didn't have Lucic running around going after Pouliot, or guys having their necks broken when he was around...
About true. I actually was not a fan of Laraque's chit-chat fest with Lucic...I wanted Laraque to **** him up. You know that's what Lucic wants to do to our players. But it's so obvious now that Lucic and Chara were SO SCARED of Laraque. They're taking advantage of it now. Can't wait for Conboy and Schultz to take them out of the game for good since the League won't).
My main concern is not winning vs the violent-sore-loser Bruins (since we beat them on average 8 out of 10 times). My main worry is that they injure our players. I do feel better with White, Mara and Moen, but we still need to add one more this summer. A player that can contain ogres like Lucic and Chara (biggest sore losers in the NHL,imo). Not an easy task (but not impossible) since he'll have to play decent defense to get 8min. a game from coach Martin...

Versus sore loser Bruins: our victory is 2pts in the standings ; injuring our players is their victory. The League has to step in to prevent this violent barbaric circus from happening.

Campbell should warn Montreal and Boston before the game...keep it clean or else...(imo, Chara should have gotten a warning before it escalated...too late for that now...Campbell knew Chara wanted revenge on Pacioretty).

Boychuck, Lucic and Chara are bullying our's so obvious now that Laraque isn't here anymore.

Love how White defended Subban after Boychuk tried to take out his knees (the League should suspend anyone who goes after the knees the way Boychuk did...shouldn't wait for an injury to suspend's not like Boychuk has Sakic's reputation, so to me he's obviously guilty of trying to injure Subban).

Originally Posted by Seppo View Post
White is awesome in his role, hes in my opinion a good upgrade on Pyatt, a hard worker and hes the kind of guys that teammate grow to like very quickly.
Boychuk that try to amputate Subban knee 2 weeks ago, right away White was on him, and same thing last night when Stoner take a shot at Palushaj.
Hes a good teammate, and for us good entertainment. Love his attitude.
White (to me) is so old-school!! Straight out of a time machine (from the 70's-80's). He reminds me of a cleaner, better, bigger, taller version of Darcy Tucker. White seems to be smart...he protects when his teammates need it, and he doesn't play dirty...he's there for the team. Coach Martin should like White (it's showing right now and hope it continues)...what's not to like

Pyatt and White:
Two different players/roles. Pyatt was a playoffs warrior...let's not forget that. He should be cheap for several years (great for our cap, great for our PK). Pyatt is a defensive specialist (so reliable at getting the puck out of our zone) and badly needed for our PK.
White is solid for our 3rd-4th lines...old-school character, toughness/grit, can play hockey and fight, and has been PERFECT at protecting his teammates (ex: Subban, Palushaj).

And...I ****ing love White for what he did to Boychuck's ugly face (after that violent attempt to injure PK's knees). Boychuck deserves a suspension for that obvious attempt.

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