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He burst onto the NHL scene with a 22-goal performance in 1977-78. The next year he exploded with 43 goals, and the following season he was teamed with Marcel Dionne and Charlie Simmer on the "Triple Crown Line". This unit was among the best in the league. In addition to being the line's defensive conscience, he was the grinder who fended off the toughest checkers on the opposing team.- Legends of Hockey
Through hard work and gritty effort, Taylor never needed to fall back on his education as he managed to make the Kings and became the ultimate compliment to the greatest King ever, Marcel Dionne. With Dionne's incredibly wizardry, Taylor's career blossomed from a regular player to a first line star. Combined with left winger Charlie Simmer, the trio was known as the Triple Crown line.

A fearsome body checker, Taylor became an almost as fearsome scorer, though highly underrated. Most people tend to pass off Taylor's offensive record as by-product of playing with Marcel Dionne, but in reality Taylor was a gift offensive player in his own right.

He was an excellent skater, agile for a big man and making up whatever he lacked in breakout speed with his incredible balance that made him almost impossible to knock down. He had great anticipation and opportunistic hands, able to work with Dionne as if the two were born to play with one another. In fact, Taylor was as much of an influence on Dionne's success as Dionne was on his.

The heart of his game was grinding up and down the right wall and in the corners. He would do the dirty work for his linemates, and often also act as their defensive conscience. He patrolled his wing with great strength and tenacity. Though big and strong, he was not much of a fighter. Though he dropped the gloves when he had to, he is probably best remembered for flattening Wayne Gretzky when he was still with the Oilers. - Joe Pelletier
Taylor only knows one way, and this is his top-speed, full out, every shift. Top speed never exceeded the legal limit, and now it's more persistence than consistence. He is the ideal "third man high" in the attack zone, uses his anticipation to maximize his still-sharp defensive instincts.

Twenty-three goals is a very acceptable output for a fellow who played with Charlie Simmer and Marcel Dionne. He remains strong in the slot, pucking up his goals in about a 15-foot radius of the net. Balace remains a strength; he can drive into defense traffic for loose pucks and can make plays in a crowd.

To compensate for his declining speed, Taylor has built an exceptional conditioning base. He may be fitter now than ever, and can still get the job from offensive and defensive standpoints.

Taylor's all time high penalty figure suggests more overt emotionalism than ever, in addition to the physical skills he always was willing to use. He hits as hard and as often as possible, still makes plays out of the corners, still goes to the trouble spots and sticks his nose in- even if there's a plastic shield in front of it now.- 1991/92 Hockey Scouting Report
A good passer, Dave's strengths are his hustle, his desire, puckhandling and goal scoring. He has the ability to take a hard check and bounce right backup. -Back of 1978-79 Rookie Card
Has been reconized as the Kings' most inspirational & aggressive player at conclusion of 1978-79- Back of 1980-81 Card.
A member of the Kings "Triple Crown Line", Dave has all-around ability and plays defense as well as offense. He bodychecks as well as forechecks and he won't back down from a challenge.- Back of 1981-82 card.
Today, Taylor makes his living as a two-way centre, usually on the Kings' checking line.- Back of 1994 Stanley Cup Members Only Card
The Toronto St. pats are happy to select...


Awards and Achievements
1 x Second Team AST RW(1981)

Goals: 6th(1979), 11th(1981), 20th(1985), 23rd(1982), 27th(1980), 41st(1986)

Assists: 9th(1981), 9th(1982), 15th(1980) 20th(1979), 31st(1985), 32nd(1984), 39th(1987)

Points: 5th(1981), 9th(1982), 9th(1979), 17th(1980), 22nd(1985)

Percentages of 2nd place(Rounded to nearest whole number)
Note: These are not removing Gretzky, any of his Oiler friends, or Lemieux, which would have made Taylor look better. His best years:

Goals: 81, 73, 66(of a 3-way tie for 1st), 61, 58, 54 Total: 393

Assists: 76, 72, 63, 62, 61, 61, 57 Total: 452

Points: 83, 72, 70, 68, 66(of a Gretzky-Dionne tie for 1st; 72% of 3rd, 85% of 4th), 57, Total:416

Long Term Percentages

From 1979-1988 (Prime), Taylor is 19th in GP and:

13th in Goals, 62.5% of 2nd place Bossy[/B](comparable GP), 30th in GPG(Playing hundreds of more games than numerous ehad)

11th in Assists, 77% of 2nd place Federko(Taylor 70 less GP), 16th in APG

11th in Points, 75% of 2nd place Dionne(Taylor 84 less GP) 15th in PPG.

From 1979-1982 (Peak), Taylor is 43rd in GP and:

6th in goals, 75% of 2nd place Dionne (Taylor 71 less GP), 7th in GPG

7th in assists, 78% of 2nd place Trottier (comparable GP), 9th in APG

6th in points, 84% of 2nd place Gretzky (Taylor 50 more GP), 8th in PPG

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