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03-22-2011, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Josh Deitell View Post
re: the too many men

Scuds was hurt and took his sweet time getting to the bench. Mitchell was his change. Kopi received a pass and was bobbling it a little, possibly setting himself up for a big hit, so he dropped it back along the boards. Scuds wasn't to the bench yet and Willie saw that the Flames might have a scoring chance because Scuds was out of the play, so he probably got a little excited and jumped. I think the far side defenseman would have had it covered, though. I can't blame TM for that. I think mutual responsibility goes to Scuds and Mitchell, the latter for not getting off fast enough and the former for jumping too soon. At the same time, gotta wonder just how hurt Rob was. It's not like him to put his team at risk like that.
Excellent observation. I was wondering why Mitchell jumped on the ice so quickly and Scuds was taking his sweet ol' time.

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