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03-22-2011, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by darrenturcotte#8 View Post
Too much emphasis has been placed on my 3rd line comment. My point is a top 6 F should possess certain offensive traits that Dubi doesnt possess in my opinion. AA and Cally on the other hand do have those instincts in my opinion. So, AA and Cally are 4th and 5th F's. If you want to say Dubi is #6, great. He barely cracks the top 6. I think this season is as good as it gets for Dubi. I love his game but he doesn't have the skills or the instincts to be an offensive talent that you can rely on the consistently score against the other teams best defensive players... unlike the other 5 guys in the top 6.

And the point is, he's going to expect to be paid like a 65 point scorer and I don't think giving it to him makes this team better
What offensive traits does Dubinsky lack?

He can carry the puck. Solid speed, with a great opening burst. His first 3 strides are as good as anybody on this team, minus a healthy Gaborik. He's one of the few guys on this team that can consistently gain the blue-line on his own.

He can protect the puck down low, using his body and reach to shield the puck away from defenders. I think a lot of that rubbed off Jagr, imo.

In open ice, Dubinsky has pulled numerous highlight-worthy dekes. Inside/Outside moves, which require skill.

He has a good wrist shot. Not great, but good. He has a good noes for the net. He doesn't shy away from driving to the crease.

I'd like to see him improve his passing. Maybe get a little more creative with the puck in certain instances, but everyone in the league has room for improvement.

Assuming Dubinsky is anything less than a above-average 2nd liner is just stupid. If you can't acknowledge his skillset, then you either:

1) Dislike him
2) Dont watch enough of him

Not sure where you fall between, Turcotte. Somewhere in the middle, probably.

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