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10-13-2003, 06:44 AM
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NY Jets vs. NY Rangers

In yesterdays Jets game, Herm Edwards held his players accountable for their actions (Abraham) and infused youth into the line up. The main theme of this game was competition amongst his players. They played great and pushed all the veterans into playing better.

The Rangers have to do the same. Right NOW. Kasper has already (reportedly) cleared waivers by being exposed in the waiver draft. Send a message by sending him to Hartford and bring up Tjutin. Put Carter in the pressbox and play Keefe. Send Simon down and bring up Scott. Put one or both of Mironov/Malakov on waivers and play bring up Jakopin. Set an example early even if it means losing one on waivers (which I doubt would happen)

Even though he was benched for actions off the field, Abraham reacted with class and poise yesterday. He took his punishment and cheered his teammates on. See who, of the players benched, reacts the same way. If they pout or go public with outrage, the waive them or exile them ala McLean.

It is early enough in the season to try and send a message without losing alot of ground (If any). But if the message is not sent then this will continue to be a problem all year as the players realize they will play no matter how they played in games.

Accountablility = playing time

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