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03-22-2011, 12:39 PM
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I use them during games in a rec league. I have never had another team say anything about them. A few teammates asked what the hell they were or made a joke - nothing ment to be mean, just general joking around. Overall Im happy I have them and thats all that matters.

2 years ago I almost broke my foot taking a slapshot off the top of the skate (laces area). I had trouble walking for a week.

I play LW and am freqently near the opposing d-man who is taking a slap shot from the point. I wont lay down to block a shot but with these on I feel more comfortable stepping in front of one.

Yea the puck isn't going 90+mph like the nhl players can hit it, but a full slap shot from a big rec league player still hurts. So far they have taken one hit. Didn't feel it at all, just left a black smudge where it hit.

I do not wear them to skate-n-shoots or my hockey class as its slow paced and if anyone takes a slap shot I get out of the way.

I feel more confident with these on and I know I will mostly (not including a freak accident) be able to walk into work tomorrow, or not have to pay for a foot xray b/c of a beer league game.

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