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10-13-2003, 06:45 AM
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Originally Posted by petelars
Part of the reason why Comrie isn't signed (allegedly), is that he's uncomfortable under the pressure of playing in Edmonton. I'd want to be very sure that the same thing won't happen to Lundmark...
I tend to think that maybe Comrie is a "special" case when it comes to playing in front of his home crowd. I dont remember any other locals that have crumbled under the intense scrutiny of the Edmonton fan base. We are definatley passionate however we are also extremely forgiving. If Comrie were to resolve this issue quickly it could be forgoten about. The longer it goes on the larger the tumor of resentment becomes.

Now as for the trade proposal.. I think that Lowetide makes a strong postion. Wasn't Lundmark the top of his draft class? Not that it matters a ton. I really like the idea of stock piling first rounders for the purpose of taking a legitimate stab at Ovechkin. If we can get a prospect like Jamie who we attempted to get already and cross our fingers that NYR flounder miserably in the bottom 3 of the league... We may end up with. Comrie and a 2nd for Lundmark and Ovechkin (plus probably our own first rounder in a swap). I would do that.

I would officially like to annonce my exiting of the Rita bandwagon. He sould be dealt. His year to shine in E-Town should have been last year. Salmo now needs his opp. and Rita is clogging up his development. I dont have a fair proposal however I think Atlanta would be a good destination. The return would have to be a player witha fair bit of development already though because of the efforts of our organization to grow Rita.


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