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Bob's interview to the Russian news paper

New interview with BOB in the Russian “Sovetskiy Sport” news paper.

I apologize for the stylistic mistakes.

Russian rookie Sergey Bobrovsky has won his first shoot out victory. He was available for an interview after the match.

Bobrovsky had allowed 2 goals during regulation. With the score 2:0 Flyers he was beat by the rocket shot by the Dallas defenseman Alex Goligosky. It’s difficult to fault Sergey in that goal- he was screened.

Flyers were not able to hold the lead in regulation, letting “Stars” score. Bobrovsky had challenged the shooter, but the puck hit the top corner of the net.
There were no score in the overtime session, and Bob was excellent in the shootouts. He was beat just once, blocking the other 5 attempts.

Your correspondent had a chance to talk to Sergey in the locker room.
Q: Looking at that game- you are quite a shootout specialist, aren’t you?
A: Not really, this is my first shootout victory in the NHL.

Q: Flyers have clinched the play-off spot.
A: Very well, one of the goals has been achieved. But this is a first step. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

Q: Do you study the opponent players when you are getting ready for shootouts?
A: No, I really do not have enough information. Hopefully, I will accumulate some, meanwhile, I just try to block it, that’s all.

Q: So you do not really now your opponents?
A: I completely concentrate on my own game. I try to improve it and analyze my own execution only.

Q: You are not the biggest goalie in the NHL. How would you call your style- positioning or reaction?
A: What can I say? Everyone has own understanding of the game. I would not say that I am clearly a butterfly or a positioning goalie. I make a move depending on the moment of the game and my perception of the situation.

Q: Are you being distracted by the girls, who clean the ice during commercial breaks?
A: I have not paid attention to them.

Q: How does Chris Pronger’s absence affect you?
A: Pronger is a great master of the game, of course. It’s much harder to play without him in the lineup. But nobody is freaking out; everyone is trying hard to win the games.

Q: Do you think the management has decided who is going to be # 1 goalie- you or Boucher?
A: It's none of my concern. We have coaches for that. I was given a chance in Dallas, and I played the game without thinking about tomorrow, or who is #1. There is only here and now.

Q: Do you feel psychological pressure? You are a rookie and you can be playing in play-offs.
A: Hockey is hockey. I do not feel any more pressured. It’s hidden somewhere deep in my brain. Everything has it’s time- we have to play 11 more games before play offs.

Q: What about your English?
A: It’s steadily getting better. I have been here for a half a year. Can’t say that I am fluent , but I understand rather well and can explain myself.

Q: You must study English. You will have to give a lot of interviews should you win the Cup.
Bob (laughing): Interviews are the least of my concerns.

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