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Originally Posted by kennglin13 View Post
Lot of it has to do with the producers and the guys upstairs, I have a buddy who does the sportscenters for those spinoff sites like The Producers hate having them do alot of hockey. (though he says Chicago right now is all about the hockey)
Absolutely. I laugh when people blame the lack of hockey talk on the host. All the radio hosts are given guidelines from upstairs and if they stray from those guidelines they hear about from management. When Max Kellerman was on at 10 AM here in NY him and Louie and Lundberg used to talk about all sorts of off the wall stuff. Comic books, superheros, rap music, rock music, sabremetrics etc. Than ESPN put the gag on Lundberg and the other support staff and brought in Brian Kenny to try to make the show more "conventional." Than they just fired Max and filled his time slot with the king of conventional and uninteresting, Colin Cowherd.

There's the same amount of hockey talk on Kay's show as there is on everyone else's show. Little to none. Blame ESPN for that, not Kay and LaGreca.

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