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03-22-2011, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Kmode View Post
An upgrade on last year's 3rd line doesn't mean much. Although this line may be better than last year's 3rd line, is it good enough to win a cup?
You missed a part of my point. I feel the 3rd line we had last year was good enough to win a cup, as they certainly weren't the reason we lost at all. Since this year is an upgrade, yes I believe they are good enough. It won't come down to the 3rd line, it will come down to guys like Burrows, Kesler, Raymond, and Samuelsson being able to put up secondary scoring when we need it.

Originally Posted by VanEric View Post
I agree with your points but the third line last year was usually Demitra/Glass/Hansen-Wellwood-Bernier. Raymond was up on the second line with Kesler. The Raymond-Wellwood-Bernier line was good the year before.

Welly's a better player then Lapierre but Lapierre has the potential to bring a different element. Hansen is much improved over last season. As cold as Raymond has been this year, he still brings more effort to the table every night then Demo ever did.

I'd take our bottom six as a whole without Malhotra over the bottom six of last year. AV still has a bunch of options moving Higgins, Samuelsson, Raymond, Hansen, and Torres around until he finds the right balance.
I did check some GDT from last playoffs before posting and it seems like quite often Demitra was up with Kesler and Samuelsson, or even Kesler and Burrows, while Raymond was on the 3rd.

Look at the stats from last post season of some of our main point getters, I think this shows what the problem was.. It wasn't our 3rd line.

Kesler with 1 goal in 12 games
Raymond with 4 points in 12 games
Burrows with 6 points in 12 games
Demitra with 6 points in 11 games
Grabner with 1 point in 9 games

Our secondary scoring dried up to the extent that Wellwood was our best secondary scorer when Samuelsson was up with the twins (as he was for much of last playoffs).

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