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Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
I don't think anybody takes it that seriously as far as enemies...I sure don't. I do take offense when somebody questions my "fanhood" considering I've followed this team for over 20 years pretty much religiously. I think the people who get most worked up are just the ones that care the most. We all care as fans but to me what constitutes a fan is not much different than what constitutes a citizen. You have those that are more loyal and refrain from criticism and then you have a "loyal opposition" as they call it. It's necessary and healthy. The "hater" angle that some people trot out is more a gimmick to me and just a red herring for those that actually take it seriously and seize upon it ...

I see your point and agree. You can be a true fan, in every sense, and criticize the organization, management, etc. etc. and that's healthy and needed.

I just find it a little over the top when one fan of the same team says to another that he doesn't have the education to understand 4th grade math.

That's just a LITTLE insulting.

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