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Originally Posted by infidelappel View Post
You're just trying for the innuendo alley-oop aren't you?

I think the biggest thing is just the anonymity that comes with being on a forum...especially amongst regular posters. People get to feeling like the resident BSD's and build up this reputation divorced from reality, and then feel like that gives them the right to condescend to everyone.

It's unfortunate that most discussions devolve into personal insults and declarations of fact in place of opinion, but that's the internet for you.
Bottom line is it is a forum with personal opinions, nothing more nothing less. The common theme is each person has a vested interest in the outcome. If people take what is said in attack or counterattack mode maybe they take the idea of a forum too seriously.

I like the fact that people really think I have a hatred for Carter or some disdain for the organization which makes me not a "true" fan. I have an opinion, no more or no less, sometimes right, a lot of times wrong, but it is still my humble opinion.

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