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Originally Posted by OcAirlines View Post
You're probably right. Although, if you can even say something like this about a player ranked in the #20-range, i think Boychuk is somewhat overrated by some people around here. They treat his 35 points like they are something impressive, but as a 20-year old in his third full season, come on... He doesn't seem to be a pure heavyweight and 35 points in his final year are underwhelming even for an all-grit-4th-liner. McCormick, Kaleta or Mair all had 50+ at least once, hell, even Peters put up 24.
In this region of the poll you only have guys with a very slim chance to reach their ceiling left, so i'll at least take those with a very low chance to become a 2nd or 3rd liner and not the one with a very low chance to become a 13th forward.

Heck, it's a lot of talk about a position in the poll where it's pretty much all about luck, i know . I just think people tend to overvalue guys like Boychuk, Sutch, Legault or even Foligno just because they have size and grit.
The thing is, there are guys who get by as pro players on size and grit who don't have the skill. At this point in the rankings, there is a lot of flotsam. It's why I'm keen on them to press hard for Miele and DaCosta -- they need skill guys with the upside to play a top 6 or top 9 role. Right now, we're in the neighborhood of guys who might be, maybe, could turn out to be a 4th liner. Not that it's a bad thing, and it's possible someone will evolve into something more. 'Tis why these rankings are fairly fluid.

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