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08-02-2005, 08:14 AM
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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause
If what Columbus fans are saying is true, they are going to be painting themselves into a bit of a corner. I'm not sure locking up 3 players at above market price (because that's what it's likely going to take to nab these players right now) for 3 years isn't good for the long haul.
There are a few guys whose contracts are up in the coming seasons who are set to be replaced by talent from within the system. The new guys get rookie contracts while the current guys on rookie deals will be able to pull the cash from the guys who leave. The spending now is done with the understanding and planning that the kids need to have cash there for them when it is time.

Originally Posted by SmokeyClause
Columbus has a lot of problems with their team. They had the worst offense in the West despite having two budding superstars, a high priced center in Marchant, and one of the most underrated players in the league in Vyborny. They had the third worst defense in the West despite hitting the free agent market hard and landing Sydor as well as several other 'heralded' veteran Dman.
Accurate. Lachance was bought out and as the title of this thread states, the club is addressing the d problem now. Sydor was a bust in town and there were a lot of injuries and a serious lack of depth. The plan seems solid to improve on things. Losing Spacek is tough, but it's not so bitter after reading the paper this morning.

Originally Posted by SmokeyClause
In addition, they have a 'young star' in net that has done little to help the hemorrhaging of goals that occured at times last season.
HAHAHAHAHAH!! Yeah, that darn Richard winner just won't play on the PK. It's a shame. And his lack of assists - what a bum. We should have bought him out.

Originally Posted by SmokeyClause
Their problem is more coaching related than anything. If they find a really good coach who has a great system, they are going to be hard to deal with no matter who they sign.
AMEN! The addition of Dean Blais to the coaching staff was to address that problem.

Decent analysis overall Smokey!

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