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Originally Posted by Inferno272 View Post
Montreal scares me because their goaltending is strong, and they are fast as hell.

Philly scares me because their talent level outside of goal is off the charts awesome.

Washington scares me because they are Washington. "nuff said.

Tampa scares me because of Martin St. Louis...guy seems to love playing against us.

none of the other teams really worry me. id love to play Pittsburgh in the first round.
IMO Montreal is the most complete team on this list WHEN HEALTHY

The other teams lack skill in some spots. Tampa and Washington aren't good defensively. Philly has no goalie that is considered above average. Montreal is hurting.

We have more depth then these teams, except philly.

Washington is young, but I'll take out youth over theirs and I'll take Hank over Ovie since we've seen it before.

Tampa has Stamkos and St. Louis, but Lecavilier isn't the same player, Gagne gets hurt all the time, but he is a very good player. Malone is hurt and inconsistent. Roloson is phenomenal for a 41 yr old, but Hank is still better. Their D is also bad outside of Hedman and Brewer IMO, Ohland is old and slow.

Philly has more talented forwards, but w/o Pronger they looked bad on defense. We were able to shut down the Caps without Staal, but Philly gives up 4 without Pronger. What does that say? Don't think Carle and Coburn are great defenders either. They are 10lbs of **** in a 5 pound bag in nets.

Lets not forget Boston. They are as solid as it gets. Have depth at forward and defense which includes size (Chara, Lucic) and toughness (Boychuck, McQuaid). even without Savard they have Bergeron, Krecji, Campbell, Kelly, and Seguin at center. Even though they choked hardcore last year, lets not forget, they had a 3-0 lead on Philly. If they beat them 1 more time, they make the finals IMO. If we can surpass Montreal (3 points behind, even in games), we'd be watching another NY-BOS series. Could be a scary series to get into since they have Thomas who is amazing this season, and if he is off, Tuukka Rask, who has played great against the Rangers over his short career.

We run 4 lines effectively. Washington and Tampa can't say that. Montreal and Philly can, as can Boston.

It comes down to defense and Hank. If we can stop teams like Tampa, Philly, and Washington, we'll win. If we can score on Boston and Montreal, we'll win.

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