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03-23-2011, 05:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Jedrik View Post
Tonight was the first time I actually got mad at watching Cam. I know he's not a playmaker, but maybe all the more reason not to attempt it.
For a few games now he has been trying to force passes through traffic non-stop. I don't mind him passing the puck a bunch, if that's the best thing to do at the time. I'm getting a little frustrated with him seeing an "open" player on the other side of the ice and trying to get the puck to him through 2 or 3 players. Defenders at the far side are getting sticks, legs, gloves, etc in the way with ease because he also telegraphs it a bit by "winding up" to put some juice on them (he must realize as he's doing it that it would take something extra crisp to get the puck there). If you re-watch the last 2, 3 games especially, you'll see just how many bad decisions he made looking to make that kind of cross ice pass through traffic.

Getting back to tonight's game in general, I didn't think the overall effort was horrific tonight (definitely not adequate, though... obviously). There was bad execution getting the puck moving from our zone at times, they weren't making it hard at all for Miller to track incoming shots, and they weren't really pursuing the puck with any real intent (I swear, if I continue to see Gomez "pursue" the puck in corners by doing his wide-legged bend at the waist slow glide in and lightly cross-check the defender in the back...). It was just one of those tight games where our team didn't do nearly enough of all the little things.

I thought they really limited Buffalo's chances, and other than Picard's turnover coming from behind his own net leading to 3 straight shots/chances, I thought they gave Price a fairly easy night in goal. Predictably, no Plekanec nor MaxPac has resulted in occasional struggles in the offensive half of the ice.

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