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Originally Posted by 93gilmour93 View Post
not really. toronto is just getting heavy mtl 2010 + billy talent
Which is somehow worse than "A bunch of garbage + Billy Talent" because....?

Just cause it's in Toronto doesn't make it a worse show man, hate to break it to you but their line up kills ours currently and it's not even close.

Originally Posted by overlords View Post
Their new stuff isn't bad IMO, it's just not melo death anymore, which is a shame. Come clarity was a terrible album though. Can't really put a label on what 'sense of purpose' was but the writing was solid both ways. I can see how some people can be disappointed, though. My two favorite bands are bodom and in flames (for their past albums, obv.) In flames has changed whereas bodom has just degenerated. Both make me a bit sad.
Okay I have to say, huge bodom fan here. I could probably name you 10 bodom songs that I find to be just down right groundbreakingly awesome metal music. But yeah, their last few "efforts" (for lack of a better word) have been just damn pathetic.

I really didn't like the new All That Remains CD either, after "The Fall of Ideals" it must have been tough to follow up but come on.... and they aren't at Heavy MTL this year

If Megadeth/Slayer would come though I'd probably go. Especially if it were on the Bodom day.

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