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03-23-2011, 12:17 PM
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IMO, there are 4 elements to being a "good" fan:
- Passion
- Loyalty
- Sportsmanship
- Knowledge

Philly fans (from a non-Philadelphia resident) have passion in spades, and generally seem knowledgeable across the major sports. One thing I despise with Montreal crowds is that they howl at any call against the Canadiens, no matter how blatant. Loyalty here rides roughshod over knowledge of the game. Where else would fans call 9-1-1 after a flagrant sports play?

Re: sportsmanship the whole "Santa Claus" thing won't go away, unfortunately, but what generally – again, across the different sports – is the reaction to, say, an opponent being injured? I believe there's a certain degree of extrapolation that, because of the rep of the Broad Street Bullies, the fans enjoy the more violent aspect of hockey and, therefore, are more inclined to show little remorse for an injured opponent. That's a theory I offer without sufficient examples or comparisons with other sports venues in other cities.

As for loyalty, much could be said against Montrealers' turning away from the Expos, though I would argue long and hard about the willful neglect of ownership and fan abuse.

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