Thread: Pre-Game Talk: March 24th, Montreal at Boston 7pm ET
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03-23-2011, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by GloryDaze4877 View Post
#1) I don't assume anything when I read comments regarding MTL and BOS from fans.

#2) Your statement about recklessness is totally subjective. The B's have lost a total of 6 games to suspension this year since they started penalizing head shots, but have lost players to these hits for far more games themselves in the past. I would guess that you consider Chara "reckless" and not just an extremely large and strong individual, but the history says otherwise.

I keep forgetting how many games Chara has been suspended in his NHL career that has spanned 12 years and over 900 games?

Oh, that's

You are correct, he's the perfect "reckless" captain for the most "reckless" team in the NHL
I understand tu quoque very well. It just means that everyone has "dirty hands", including the B's. You establishing that the B's have been the victims too does not absolve them of their own reckless play. It's like a vandal and an embezzler trying to sue each other in court. (The last sentence in this paragraph is a simile; this is stated because by your own admission, you refuse to recognize literary devices.)

Also, appeal to one's reputation(lack of suspensions) is an inductive argument. Reputation is an appeal to probability, not a deductive syllogism.

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