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10-13-2003, 07:45 AM
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Has Wanvig lost his job?

Before this year, the Wild were lacking a solid, big PF type of player that hammers his way into the front of the goal. Wanvig was suppose to be this player but injuries and lack of good, solid play (including some bad conditioning in long games) kept him in the minors a bit longer then he should've.

With the emergence of Brandner, Burns, and Foy, do you think Wanvig has lost his job?

Brandner isn't a real big player to push Wanvig from his job but he is sort of similiar as he uses his frame and is a bit quicker than Wanvig.

Burns is the one that I think Wanvig should be a little nervous about. Burns is developing quicker then we expected and the fact is he is being molded into a PF type. Sure he doesn't drop the gloves but we got other players that do. Burns is quicker, smarter, faster than Wanvig and he uses his body as well. He is also a bit younger and so far not as injury prone as Wanvig.

Foy is another one that uses his body to drag defensemen with him to bring on a penalty or to deflect heat away from other players. Wanvig should be a bit nervous about him too because he uses his frame, is quick, but doesn't drop the gloves.

With the emergence of Burns really, is Wanvig now trade bait?