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03-23-2011, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by BernieParent View Post
Generally, I agree. However, Bob's superiority over Boucher/Leighton are tempered by the fact that he's a rookie and is subject to wider fluctuations in his game. While normal, it doesn't make me sleep well at night thinking about the post-season.

I do hang my hat on how much the Flyers really did seem to will themselves back into the game. I don't understand what you mean when you say that OT being 4-on-4 worked against the Flyers; they were dominating most of the OT, and if they were playing playoff rules ie, sudden death until a winner I would have strongly favoured the Flyers to win.
I definitely see where your coming from with that. Believe me I'm not saying our goaltending is awesome, I just have a better feeling with Bob than I did with Leighton. I felt like it didn't make sense that we were winning when even I could see the clear flaws in his game. I guess our team was just playing so well that they were able to cover up his flaws until the finals.

With Bob I think (hope) his talent and drive will see him through this adversity. I hope he can be a Hextall, or Cam Ward, and not a Carey Price, and be able to handle the load in his first go around. And like I said with our team if he can do the opposite of last night, and make the routine saves we should be in good shape.

I thought the 4 on 4 worked against us in that it was easier for the caps to clear the zone and get chances off of rushes because we weren't able to cycle the puck like we were 5 on 5. I think we would have seen more of us pinning them in their zone and creating scoring chances like we did in regulation, if it were 5 on 5.

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