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Originally Posted by Liquidfire3240 View Post
Well show me a game where a pred hasnt made a bonehead pass up the middle to get it out of our zone.
Originally Posted by OpenWheel View Post
Yeah, maybe the "same song and dance" commentary is due to similar plays happening over and over.
Look, don't get me wrong. I fully expected to get some flack over my comment. I like Crisp, I really do. I like the old school aspect he brings to the game, and I like when he'll tell a story about the old days.

But sometimes, I feel like he's talking to the fans like it's their first game or something. I've been following the Preds for over a decade now. Most people have a somewhat astute understanding of the game. Our fan base has grown leaps and bounds from the "Hockey 101" days.

I just think either we can get someone in who can do both the soft, funny stories and provide insightful analysis. Lately, it's so predicable that I don't even listen to his color commentating anymore.

Don't want a homer. Don't want a hater. Just want an objective voice to let us in behind the scenes. If Cripsy can be that voice, then fine, but enough with the Mickey Mouse analysis.

But I guess there are bigger problems we could be worried about than our CC. So I guess that's the bright side.

Here's his knightly script: Time and Space, Marketing Announcement about future promotions, Too many lateral passes, Not getting the puck deep, No one in front of the net.

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