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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
This is an excellent writeup. Some notes and questions for you, Leslie:

-Thomas at an 8.0 seems slightly low to me. He appears to have potentially elite talent, as you yourself mentioned. I would think he'd be more in line with the 8.5 that you graded Kreider.

-Max Campbell. You state that he's almost certain to earn an ELC after this season. This is surprising to me. His senior season, while decent, is only marginally better than his sophomore campaign. Coupled with his abysmal junior season, he seems like a long shot. Has he progressed at all in his tenure at WMU? Less than a point-per-game for a 22 year old PP specialist just doesn't seem worthy of an ELC, to me anyway.

-Roman Horak, you described as being an excellent two-way winger. The times that I have seen him play, he didn't seem particularly adept in his own zone. Did I just catch his bad games? He also seemed a bit weak on and off the puck to me.

-Carl Hagelin was listed as having 15 goals and 22 points, when he actually finished the season with 18 goals and 30 assists.
First, sorry about the Hegelin error. It was edited after I wrote it. I wrote 15 goals, 22 assists for 37 points, which I believe was correct at the time I wrote the article.

Second, Thomas was originally ranked as a 7.5, based upon my viewings last season. Now I think that he may be an 8.5, but I was not sure enough to argue for it at this point (ratings are reviewed by the staff here). Should I continue to see what I think may be Thomas's upside, I will push for a move up to 8.5 over the summer.

As for Campbell, I do think that he has developed at WMU. Remember that the Rangers need not make a decision until August and Campbell's play this weekend and in Development camp will most likely influence the Rangers' decision.

In my opinion, Horak has a good two-way game. I can't tell you more than that--I have seen him play many times and he gets better and better. His upside is third- to second-line and I expect that he will move up in the Top 20 over the next couple of years.

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