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When/how are players paid?

Players are paid every two weeks, over 13 weeks of pay periods in total (mid-Oct - mid-April).

Originally Posted by CBA Exhibit 1 - Standard Players Contract
Payment of such Paragraph 1 Salary shall be in consecutive semi-monthly installments on the
15th and 30th day of each month following the commencement of the NHL Regular Season or
following the dates of reporting, whichever is later (provided that the pay period shall not close
more than three (3) days prior to payroll dates); provided, however, that if the Player is not in the
employ of the Club for the whole period of the Club's NHL Regular Season Games, then he shall
receive only part of such Paragraph 1 Salary in the ratio of the number of days of actual
employment to the number of days of the NHL Regular Season.
On Tax withholding:
Of course, players are subject to withholding tax like the rest of us but an NHL player's paystub does not include just one line for tax withheld. In fact, players are responsible for paying tax in every state (and some cities) in which they play and earn above a certain income threshold. It is not uncommon for a player to file a dozen or more tax returns a year.

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