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03-23-2011, 05:45 PM
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Henrik will definitely be a finalist, and I honestly think it will come down to him vs thomas...does he deserve it more than thomas, HELL YES. Thomas stats are padded and he has played less games. Kinda reminds of of rocky vs drago where drago gets all his stuff the cheap way and rocky gets it through hardwork and sheer strength and determination. YES I JUST SAID THAT.

Ill take henrik over tim thomas anyday. if they dont take into account the 10 more games played, and everything else. Its fixed as hell.

Henrik has been nominated before and finally deserves it, thomas could never carry a team on his back the way henrik does. Thats a vezina winner, its not all about stats, especially stats that are all about the first half. The second half makes a player, a competitor, a winner, thats what henrik is.


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