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03-23-2011, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Seguin2Couturier View Post
Savard was diagnosed with a grade 2 concussion and it is obvious that he came back too soon. Pacioretty was diagnosed with a grade 3 concussion and a broken vertebrae and is projected to come back sooner than Savard. He is actually already ahead of where Savard was at this point is his recovery based on what we've heard.

This much is pretty much a fact. Either Pacioretty is also projected to come back way too soon or the original diagnosis was (fortunately) an overestimation. Mike Felger and Mark Recchi were simply adding one and one together to come to the conclusion that there's no way Pacioretty had a severe concussion if the reports that he'll be back for the playoffs are correct. Mike Felger phrased it in a way that sounded like (and was) an accusation because that's who Mike Felger is. Recchi was pretty much just repeating Felger's words and saying that they have some validity. Not the best thing Recchi could have said, but there has been some overreacting to his comments.
And they're able to claim this because they are doctors, right ?

They don't know ****... doctors do. It's not the habs organization that gave the dignotic but the doctors who treated him.

Medecine is not a physics. People are not objects and they react differently to treatments. Maybe Pacioretty going out on a stretcher no moving for several hours was the reason for the better reaction toward his concussion instead of going up on his own, no ?

Or perharps, we don't know yet how he'll react when he'll be clear to exercice... the fact his that he could have a lot more problem when he'll try to do some exercice... we don't know that... nobody knows.

Your idiotic players act like the stupid SJ players who said Perron was facking his injury... look how stupid they sounded now that we know the extend of his injury.

What Recchi said was idiotic and classless, unexcusable for the oldest player in the league.

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