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03-23-2011, 06:27 PM
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Originally Posted by infidelappel View Post
I've been to numerous Flyers games in New Jersey and, since moving up to NYC, I've been to Madison Square Garden a handful of times.

Whenever I go to games, I quietly watch and applaud good plays when necessary. This is true for both home and away. I don't engage fans of the other teams much; at the Wells Fargo Center I've had more than a few intelligent discussions and shared some beers with visiting fans, but never talked down to them or made trouble. Not once.

When I go to away games I'm similarly reserved. I wear my Flyers gear, but I don't celebrate much at all, let alone obnoxiously. I don't partake in chants or anything like that; I just mind my own business. Without fail, Jersey and Rangers fans have taken every opportunity to yell at me, curse at me, and attempt to instigate me, but I don't fire back, except once or twice when a simple statement that's fairly neutral usually shuts them up.

There are plenty of classless Philly fans, but there's plenty in all arenas.
That's being a little too reserved. I have no problem going into an opposing arena and booing or celebrating and would have no problem with an opposing fan doing the same. The problem is when people do things to deliberately disrespect other fans in the stands or the stadium itself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going nuts if the Flyers score at MSG and nothing wrong with booing when the Rangers do. There is problem with flipping people off, cursing at fans of the opposing team just for being there, vandalizing the stadium, etc.

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