Thread: Pre-Game Talk: March 24th, Montreal at Boston 7pm ET
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03-23-2011, 06:27 PM
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The Bruin players, most of which only have a high school education should leave the medical stuff to the guys who actually use their brains and go to university for years!

So a guy gets a concussion and a fractured vertebrae. Erik Cole had a fracture in his neck in the month of March and returned to the playoffs in the final round, everyone has different fractures and healing times.

The same can be said for concussions. Eric Lindros may not have been a quick healer in the concussion issue, or maybe it was the fact he multiple concussions that cause the issue?

This may have been Pacioretty's first concussion, was Cooke's hit on Savard his first?

Pacioretty maybe symptom free now Dr. Recchi, but the next hit to the head may have him out like Savard or Bergeron in the future.

As a person who is married to a medical professional I can tell you that anytime a person is knocked out with a hit to the head like Pacioretty had, it is a concussion effective immediately. It is not faked, Dr. Mulder and the other medical professionals have to make these reports, they would and could be sued for malpractice for making fraudulent claims.

For example, if a players salary is covered by insurance because of long term injury, you can damn well know the insurance company is looking into the medical reports with their medical experts.

Do these Dr.'s on the Bruins in Recchi and Lucic not realize that, maybe they should talk to their Docs.

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