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Originally Posted by JDM View Post
The Kings have been extremely lucky nearly all season with injuries save for a short bad spat from Mitchell and Poni. We should be counting our blessings that we haven't had half our team go down like several other teams have instead of all *****ing that one guy got injured at the end of the season. Does it suck? SUre, injuries always suck. But guess what? They also always happen. Williams falls on the unlucky side on injuries more often than most, but as a whole the Kings have been much more on the lucky side as a team.

I am astonished some people take this injury as a condemnation of Lombardi resigning him.

He's our second best forward, so it sucks. The timing sucks. It sucks mostly because guys like Brown, Smyth, Simmonds, Stoll, Poni & Zus have fallen off the face of the goal scoring earth. But just because we have been lucky with injuries so far doesn't mean we don't need to learn how to win when one of our top players comes out of the lineup.

Last year the Wings had half their team missing for half the season.

This season Crosby has been out a long ass time, as well as others.

Vancouver lost nearly their entire d-core.

Chicago played for a period without Toews.

Boston without Savard.

It happens so everyone should just suck it up and file this under "a naturally occurring and ultimately unavoidable part of life".
Great post. Seriously it sucks but the Kings have been very lucky (knock on wood) where injuries are concerned this season so stuff like this comes with the territory.

Hopefully Oscar shines!

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