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Originally Posted by Blueland89 View Post
I'm about to buy one to use playing inline. Will it hold up well on concrete
A pure composite or wood blade will be ruined literally within 5-10 minutes of being used on concrete. Like the above poster said, you need to look for ABS. Specifically, look for some type of ABS/wood/fiberglass combination blade. Not many composite sticks feature this type of blade. Off the top of my head, the only one that i've ever used was a Montreal composite and those are obviously hard to find now since they stopped making them. You're better off buying a decent-good composite shaft and just buying replacement blades. If you play a lot of roller hockey on concrete, your blade isn't going to last very long regardless. The combination ABS blades won't be ruined within minutes like wood or composite blades, but they still get wore down and quickly become too thin. I've been forced to change blades after only 5-7 sessions.

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