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03-23-2011, 08:01 PM
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Originally Posted by DylanSensFan View Post
I don't think you have any idea about the speed difference between the AHL and the NHL, otherwise you wouldn't be making such hasty comments.

Weircioch is just finding his game in the AHL right now and has confidence rolling, so they wanted to give him a few games in the NHL to see where he's at.

So we have armchair GM's like you making quick judgment's about a player you know nothing about. You have no idea about his top end or how quickly he will develop, so why exactly are you making out like you have any idea. Watch the damn game and let the guy play, get some ice time and evolve.
people have to stop being defensive and nasty when someone has the temerity to suggest that one of their pet prospects might not be the superstar that they make him out to be. we as fans have to learn to be realistic and objective. we've been told for a long time that this kid was supposedly going to be an awesome defenceman. my reaction to that has always been, ok great, i hope so, but until i see him play i aint buying it.

i watched the kid at rookie camp and in the preseason and he didnt overwhelm me but i didnt pass judgement. we've all heard about his struggles in the AHL but i think we have to be pleased that he seems to have recovered a bit. now we see him last night and for many of us, it's the first time we've seen him in a realistic, live-fire NHL environment.

what i saw made me think that this kid has been overhyped. not that he's a "bust" or that he can't turn into a very good player, but that we have to be realistic and not oversell this kid. he is an intriguing package of size and hockey sense, but what i saw last night makes me think at the very least that he's probably 1-2 years away from being ready. not that he's a bust or that we should write him off, but that all those people pencilling him into our lineup for next year or thinking he's a blue chipper need to temper that.

i'm always amazed when people get nasty when realities like that are pointed out.

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