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Originally Posted by blueberrydanish View Post
Well I am officially pissed off.

Got a ST shaft to replace my one95 and its a 85 flex anyways I also have an S11 85 flex one-piece. Put my old blade into my new ST shaft throw the grip on it, then I place it up against the wall beside my S11 and thats when I notice....its awhole *** *(**8**** *** **** 3-4 inches shorter than any of my other sticks. HOW THE HELL DOES A SENIOR SHAFT COME THAT MUCH SHORTER? I am extremely pissed at the moment and obviously I cant return it.

Why the hell doesnt a senior stick/shaft come with a standard size ???!?!?!?HONESTLY.

Now I basically have a forward stick height wise and Im a defenseman who reallllllly uses a long stick in every part of my game.

Oh well, live and learn I guess now Ill have to research every single aspect to a stick(which I pretty much did anyways...), rant off.
Never heard of end plugs? A wood end plug is like $4, a composite one slightly more but honestly wood plugs are fine. A lot of guys (including NHLers) actually cut down their sticks too short on purpose and throw a wood plug in cause they like the feel.

A lot of (all?) standard/mid-kick Easton shafts are 50.5", while most standard/mid-kick shafts from other manufacturers are 52", not a huge difference. This is because Easton blades tend to be an inch or two longer from hosel to heel than blades from other companies, so when you put the blade and shaft together Easton 2-pieces are roughly the same length as most 2-pieces. There's really no standard length with shafts though, they vary in length considerably, generally depending on the length of the blade they're meant to be paired with. Tapered/low-kick shafts tend to be another couple inches longer than standard/mid-kick shafts, but that's cause tapered replacement blades are real short from hosel to heel.

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