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10-13-2003, 09:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Buffaloed
Hopefully this will put an end to the unrealistic, overly-optimistic posts. The Sabres are a marginal team stocked with talented, but inconsistant players from top to bottom. If they play up to their abilities, it will still take a bit of luck to make the playoffs. I was against re-signing Ruff and it'll be a bright day when they let him go.

I can't believe they signed him again. I have been hoping for more than two years that they let him go.

I also agree there is marginal talent but I think that talent can do better than that! Last season was an incredibly low point. You just don't re-hire a coach after numerous lifeless performances the previous year.

I used to trust Regier but he's also guilty, IMO. I wonder if there will be moves soon...

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